Lauren & Sam

It’s not all caviar and baby wipes, mate

  • Unemployed

    Don’t worry, Claire and I are still employed! But Lauren, having finished all her exams but not yet having been accepted to a Uni, is technically unemployed. Everything seemed to go well, no major meltdowns after an exam, so now we just await her results. Sam is still working through his GCSEs, but only 3 more to go I think. In his very understated way he’s working through them, overcoming his natural resistance to revision as best he can.

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  • Catchup

    As the rock band Staind so wisely said, it’s been awhile. We’ve been doing the rounds with Lauren, and she’s narrowed her choices down to Exeter, Leeds and East Anglia (York and Warwick are too posh apparently). Exeter may be the favourite, but she’s working so hard at getting the grades to go somewhere that we haven’t had time to sit down and work out where that somewhere should be!

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  • Schooling

    I’m a bit behind, so here’s a quick catch-up on education. Lauren got an A in her AS level Psychology, and Sam got an A in his Statistics GCSE. We’re now looking at the next steps for them both. Sam is considering Maths, Chemistry and Computer Science A levels. We’ve visited two local colleges so far, and his favourite is where Lauren currently is. After some consideration Lauren has decided to study Law.

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  • Aah

    We met up with the rest of the Harris clan yesterday to celebrate Diana’s (and Claire’s) birthday. The highlight was near the end of the day when Kaira wombled into the living room, spotted Sam on the couch, said “hi!”, then walked over and gave him an extended hug. The rest of us were a little jealous.

  • Stop Vibrating

    The family were watching the Friends episode where Ross wears leather trousers. At one point Sam asked Claire to stop vibrating, she was laughing so much.

  • Off to Work

    Lauren starts a trial period working at a local pub/restaurant next week. The trial was optional, but a friend who works there cried after her first shift because it’s such hard work, so she wisely decided to give it a try first. Kids these days eh?

  • Blue's Clues

    Lauren cooked some cookies for Mother’s Day. Three of them were in the shape of letters, and Claire and the kids decided that they should eat them. So Sam started singing “We just got a letter” from Blue’s Clues, a kids programme he would have last seen when he was 3.

  • School Report

    Sam had another parent-teacher conference yesterday. As always the teachers are really pleased with how he’s doing. He needs to put himself forwards a little more, and have a go at an answer even if he’s not sure of it. This all sounds familiar from the equivalent meetings for Lauren a couple of years ago. Claire cried when she heard about this, but that was as much to do with being ill (enough that she couldn’t go) as it was pride for her little boy!

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  • Shoes

    Today we bought Lauren some shoes for her birthday. Sadly this is for her birthday from 2 years ago. Top parenting.

  • Mock Interviews

    Each year the high school mock work interviews for Year 10s, using employers from the area. This sets the kids up for their work placement interviews, as well as being good practice generally. Lauren did great in hers a couple of years ago, but I was a little apprehensive about Sam’s - he’s very personable (and smart of course), but can appear a little unfocused if he hasn’t engaged with the task at hand.

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