Lauren & Sam

It’s not all caviar and baby wipes, mate

  • Off to Work

    Lauren starts a trial period working at a local pub/restaurant next week. The trial was optional, but a friend who works there cried after her first shift because it’s such hard work, so she wisely decided to give it a try first. Kids these days eh?

  • Blue's Clues

    Lauren cooked some cookies for Mother’s Day. Three of them were in the shape of letters, and Claire and the kids decided that they should eat them. So Sam started singing “We just got a letter” from Blue’s Clues, a kids programme he would have last seen when he was 3.

  • School Report

    Sam had another parent-teacher conference yesterday. As always the teachers are really pleased with how he’s doing. He needs to put himself forwards a little more, and have a go at an answer even if he’s not sure of it. This all sounds familiar from the equivalent meetings for Lauren a couple of years ago. Claire cried when she heard about this, but that was as much to do with being ill (enough that she couldn’t go) as it was pride for her little boy!

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  • Shoes

    Today we bought Lauren some shoes for her birthday. Sadly this is for her birthday from 2 years ago. Top parenting.

  • Mock Interviews

    Each year the high school mock work interviews for Year 10s, using employers from the area. This sets the kids up for their work placement interviews, as well as being good practice generally. Lauren did great in hers a couple of years ago, but I was a little apprehensive about Sam’s - he’s very personable (and smart of course), but can appear a little unfocused if he hasn’t engaged with the task at hand.

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  • Work Placement

    After a slightly concerning number of rejections, Sam has found a work placement with a local IT support company. Fortunately it’s in Southampton, which is rather closer than Lauren’s placement in London. That makes it Claire’s turn to provide transport.

  • Unicorn

    Direct quote: “No more unicorn poos for you, Sam”

  • Festive Season

    Another Birthday-Christmas-Birthday season done. The kids are both getting beyond the presents stage, so a lot of what they got was cash. They didn’t seem to mind. First Christmas with cousin Kaira, first without Grandpa.

  • Good and Bad

    First, the good news: Lauren did fantastically well in her GCSEs. Her lowest mark was an A, and she got two 9s in the English subjects (putting her in something like the top 1 percent of her year). And an 8 in Maths means she’s not just a one-trick pony. And, unsurprisingly, she got an A* in Art. With those results she’s now studying at a 6th form college, doing A-levels in English Lit, History and Art, and an AS in Psychology.

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  • Purple

    Lauren’s hair is now purple, though a very subtle shade. Sam is practically vibrating with anticipation of our upcoming US trip, though some of that may be down to the fact that tomorrow is the last day of school. The fact that one of his school colleagues poured strawberry juice down his blazer – with, I remind you, one day of school to go – has taken some of the shine off the evening for his parents.

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