Lauren & Sam

It’s not all caviar and baby wipes, mate

Good and Bad

First, the good news: Lauren did fantastically well in her GCSEs. Her lowest mark was an A, and she got two 9s in the English subjects (putting her in something like the top 1 percent of her year). And an 8 in Maths means she’s not just a one-trick pony. And, unsurprisingly, she got an A* in Art.

With those results she’s now studying at a 6th form college, doing A-levels in English Lit, History and Art, and an AS in Psychology. So far she’s taken to it really well, though the workload is pretty punishing.

Now the bad news, and the reason for the delayed update. Unfortunately my father passed away a couple of weeks ago. It’s something that Lauren has found rather difficult, especially given the strain of starting at a new school, but she’s handling it with great maturity. Sam was briefly upset, and still has the occasional moment, but he’s pretty good at moving on.

Dad got to hear about Lauren’s results, and while I’m not sure he understood the detail, it cemented his opinion that he had a smart granddaughter (an opinion he applied to his grandson as well, and which I’m sure will be true for his newest granddaughter Kaira).