Lauren & Sam

It’s not all caviar and baby wipes, mate


As the rock band Staind so wisely said, it’s been awhile.

We’ve been doing the rounds with Lauren, and she’s narrowed her choices down to Exeter, Leeds and East Anglia (York and Warwick are too posh apparently). Exeter may be the favourite, but she’s working so hard at getting the grades to go somewhere that we haven’t had time to sit down and work out where that somewhere should be!

Sam’s been provisionally accepted at both his choices of college, and will have some taster days once exams are over to make a final decision. His heart says Barton, but his head says Bayhouse, so we’ll see. Actually the decision may come down to his gut; not in the ‘trust your gut’ sense, but in the ‘I get travel sick and Barton is twice as far away by bus as Bayhouse’ sense.

I’m sure things other than education are going on, but nothing springs to mind. Oh, we got a robot to vacuum our floors, she’s called Fluffy.